Measles Treatment

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Measles Treatment
Measles Treatment

Measles or Rubeola, is an extremely contagiously disease that is characterized by a number of external as well as internal symptoms. It is a disease caused majorly by the Rubeola virus that causes eruptions in the form of swellings all over the body. The disease is communicable in nature and is associated with general weakness, fever, sneezes, malaise, cough, nasal discomfort due to congestion and conjunctivitis.

Measles is a disorder that does not limit itself to a body for too long. It spreads very quick and thus calls for immediate treatment, and precautions to begin with if possible. Measles as a disease is not very dangerous as such although it is associated with a lot of discomfort. Yet it needs quick medication so that the condition of the patient does not worsen. Worsening of the disease invites unwanted severity and complication.

Measles as such is not absolutely curable. It ultimately takes its own share of time to heal. However, proper treatment strengthens the immune system and make brings down the severity of the disease by making it more tolerable.

Following are essential notes about the treatment options for measles:

Natural remedies
  • Make sure you are under complete rest devoid of any mental or physical, direct or indirect stress.
  • Fever during measles brings in a lot of physical weakness. So, a warm sponge-bath in lukewarm water helps to remit fever to an extent.
  • Maintain proper water intake so that your body remains hydrated. This ensures quicker cure.
  • Cough is a common disorder that comes with measles. Vaporizer eases out congestion and helps to cure cough.
  • Other than natural methods of cure, you can also resort to pain relievers. But again drugs like aspirin must be avoided for children.
  • There is a tendency of eye secretion in children during measles. Such secretion should not be smudged by children and should be gently removed by the care giver with warm saline water soaked in cotton.
Herbal remedies
  • Measles is such a disease that does not have any specific cure for sure antibiotic treatment. The disease usually takes its own time to leave a body. However, there are age old herbal medications that are made of purely natural extracts and have proven effective in curing measles. Few of the famous herbal medications to cure measles are 'Babuna', 'Chandana', 'Bergamot', 'Dalimba', 'Henna' and 'Gaenda' to name a few.
  • The procedure involved in herbal treatment is absolutely natural and ensures thorough recovery.
  • Herbal treatment heals measles from its roots leaving no traces of the disease.
Physician's help

It is a good idea to take care of a measles victim at home at treat him naturally. However, one should never overlook the severity of the side effects of the disease. If condition worsens; if the patient suffers from acute cough, congestion, breathing trouble etc then a physician must be consulted so that there is no grey area in the treatment.

Importance of Prevention

Given the fact that measles is highly communicable and can cause severe damages to the body, it is very essential to take proper measures to prevent the occurrence of the disease. The disease dwells in a body for a quite a long time causing acute weakness and disorders. This is definitely not worth it. The best option to protect yourself or your children from the wrath of the disease is to undertake effective precautionary measures.

The following are vital preventive measures against measles:

  • The disease is transmitted through air. So, in order to ensure that the disease does not affect anybody else in the vicinity, keep measles affected person isolated atleast for three days from people who stay near him. Use a handkerchief and make the patient use a handkerchief whenever you are around him. Try not to touch the person as much as possible for the first few days atleast.
  • Get yourself a live measles vaccine. Make sure you get atleast the first two doses with proper intervals. This is typically meant for children.
  • There are immunization programmes run to combat vaccine. Immunization is also an effective method to stop the spread of measles.

Therefore, it can be concluded that measles is such a disease that affects millions every year across the globe. It is a disease that does not really have a specific cure oriented medical course. However, there are many natural ways that are effective in fighting the severity of the disease. Else, measles can get aggravated and amount to worsening of the state and consequent health complications.